Virtual reality water slide - by wiegandmaelzer

When you combine the magic of virtual reality with the thrill of waterslides, an entirely new dimension of fun is unlocked. Pairing incredible visual experiences with tactical, sensory elements is a cutting edge art that produces a truly memorable experience, which must be felt to be believed. We’ve partnered with aquatic virtual reality experts, Ballast, to design an advanced VR system that can be adapted to work with any existing waterslide. Our secret lies in creating expertly designed content which is accurately mapped to the movements of each slide, controlled by a revolutionary tracking system that is simple to install and monitor. We’ve designed a unique headset that is comfortable, lightweight, waterproof and easy to maintain. And while our tracking system is complex on the inside, it’s unobtrusive and simple to operate. Because this system was designed by tech experts with a cutting edge outlook, experiences can be added and refreshed as needed. Visitors will have a reason to come back every season to discover a new story and take in a new experience.